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How Can We Help You?
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How Can We Help You?

By providing experienced Support Workers, Healthcare Assistants or Nurses to support you throughout the night, we can ensure that you feel relaxed and assured that you are not on your own during the time you feel most vulnerable.

By offering two levels of night care services; Waking Night Care and Sleeping Night Care, Interserve Healthcare can ensure that the night time hours for you or a loved one pass with comfort and confidence.

Our healthcare professionals can be there throughout the night to ensure that if you need assistance you are able to move about the house with safety, or alternatively, just be there for the reassurance that if you wake in the night you are not on your own.

We can support with positive night time routines such as bathing, domestic tasks like changing bedding and ensuring there are clean and suitable night clothes available. Evening drinks and meals can be prepared so that in the night the need to move around the house is less and our Carers and Nurses can take way the anxiety of toileting alone.

Maintaining a homely environment, our Carers and Nurses are able to dress in appropriate but identifiable night time clothing, thus reducing confusion should you wake in the night. They can also keep you informed of the time should you wish to make a decision regarding what time you get up and offer a friendly comforting face at any hour.

Our service can be provided on a long or short term basis and can be delivered at intervals to suit your convenience. So, whether your family would benefit from some respite, you are recovering from a period of illness or you require short term holiday cover, we can adapt our service to meet your individual requirements.


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If you wish to find out further information why not download our Night Care service guide here.


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