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Personalisation Agenda
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Personalisation Agenda

Putting People First (or the Personalisation Agenda) is the Government's response to transforming Adult Social Care in England over the next 10 years.

What is Personalisation?

Personalisation means thinking about care and support services in an entirely different way, building care provision around the person as an individual and putting them at the centre of the process of identifying their care needs.

The traditional service-led approach to care has often meant that people have not received the right help at the right time and have been unable to shape the kind of support they need. This change in reform requires a significant transformation of adult social care so that all systems, processes, staff and services are geared up to put people first.

Personalisation is about giving people much more choice and control over their lives in all social care settings and is far wider than simply giving personal budgets to people eligible for council funding. It includes advice and advocacy for service users to enable them to make good decisions about the support they need. It means ensuring that people have wider choice in how their needs are met and are able to access universal services such as transport, leisure, education, housing, health and opportunities for employment regardless of age or disability.

Interserve Healthcare and Personalisation

We have always strived to place the service user at the centre of our services and consult with you every step of the way in the delivery of your care. Our care at home services, whether provided directly by the council or paid for privately or by personal budget holders, strives to focus on identifying and achieving outcomes.

The types of support that people who use our services say they need are not confined to personal care. Support can include a much wider range and it is likely that such services as domestic help, support with household management and correspondence, being taken out for the day or even support to enable a holiday to be taken, will be required.

As an organisation, we are as flexible as are our staff and workers, always seeking solutions rather than dwelling on what can sometimes be considered insurmountable problems.

We are always willing to meet and discuss those daily challenges you face and together identify a potential solution to ensure our services are delivered in accordance with the Personalisation Agenda.

If you would like to find out more about Putting People First, click on the pdf documents above or visit the TASC (Transforming Adult Social Care) website at

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